Having been through extensive development as a text-based play we are now ready to begin testing the material through R&D and would benefit enormously from both a rigorous rehearsal process to stress-test the text on its feet and also receive audience feedback from a final performance, as well as begin to develop audience interest in our play. We would also like to use the opportunity to gather as much material as possible for eventual funding requests, as well as using a R&D run as a platform for inviting potential partners/venues/charities in order to further conversations around the future life of the production.



We have identified handful of organisations by whom we would be proud to be supported and with whom we would like to partner in order to help raise awareness of their causes, via inclusion of their branding on our marketing and other activities such as post-show talk-backs, details of which to be determined. Areas we are interested in supporting are relatives of the Nuclear community, heart health, mental health and debit crisis.



We have identified a couple of highly respected producing theatres whose ethos, audiences and type of work produced fit well with The Fallout Zone, and with whom we would be incredibly proud and honoured to co-produce this play, whilst also benefiting from their guidance and experience. As such, we are making applications for in-house long-form scratch events with a potential view to opening discussions about an R&D run and a full production.



The production will be dependent on funding applications from official funding bodies, such as Arts Council England, and as such applications are currently being prepared. If you would like to contribute to funding for this project, either as a monetary value or in-kind, then please do get in touch.

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