Fly on the wall 1st rehearsal, March 2019

As part of the Young Director's Scheme at The Young Vic we took advantage of an afternoon's studio rehearsal in March 2019 to work out some of the problems presented by having dialogue between a number characters in a one-person show.

We also looked at opportunities for switching narration for action wherever possible. This footage is a fly-on-the-wall snapshot of some roughly sketched scenes. 

Extract from Ovalhouse Industry Sharing

As a finale to the first ever Ovalhouse Adult Company, each participant prepared a 10-minute sharing to an invited Industry audience (of an approximately 25 minutes script at that point).

Following on from this and valuable feedback received, the piece was developed into a full-length script that is now The Fallout Zone.

The piece has had extensive rewrites since both filmings and is now a two-hander

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